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Theme tours in Romania

FARM tours

During the last years we organized tours for farmers or associations from France, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland to Romania.
Romania was an important agricultural country and lately struggles to regain a good position in the European Union.
After the communism era, former cooperatives were replaced by private owned farms and associations which are developing every year with the support of European funds.


Religion has always bee very important for the Romanian people. Romanians are overwhelmingly Christian orthodox (cca 87%). The other religious denominations present in Romania are Roman-Catholics (5%), Protestants (3.5%), Greek-Catholics, Judaism and Muslim.
Throughout the country, you’ll come across churches and monasteries which prove the religious spirit of our people.

Local WINE & GOURMET tours

The 1st document mentioning wine growing in Romania is from the year 66 B.C.
It is said that vineyards were one of the reason the Romans invaded DACIA (our old territory of nowadays Romania).
As 1/3rd of the territory is covered by hills, it offers a good environment for the vineyards to grow. These are spread all over the country, each region having their famous wine producers, for both red and white wine.
But wine always comes with delicious food… travelers from all over the world want to taste from the best a country can offer…
Romanian cuisine is diverse and it was influenced during the centuries by the Balkan cuisine but also by our neighbor’s cuisine.
While traveling to Romania do not hesitate to taste: local cheese (wide variety of: salty sheep cheese preserved in a pine bark or sheep stomach, fresh sheep cheese, cow cheese, smoked cheese), sausages (dried, smoked, grilled fresh sausages), spread vegetable paste (‘zacusca’), grilled minced meat rolls (‘mititei’), soups (home made noodle soup, beef soup, meat ball soup, tripe soup…), stuffed cabbage or vine leaves (‘sarmale’), stew (‘tochitura’), fried meat balls, cottage cheese dumplings (‘papanasi’), cheese/apple pie…

As an appetizer do not forget to taste ‘tzuica’ or ‘palinka’ – hot plum or fruit brandy which will help you increase your appetite.