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Outdoor travel in the Romanian Carpathians

Romania is the perfect place for all types of hiking and trekking. You can cross high or small mountains, plateaus, hills or Danube Delta. A great variety of paths, many with tourist marks, cover the important mountain areas in Romania.
“If someone crosses this country, could see lands full of green and brightness in spring and summer or warm light of autumn colors and celebration of flavors and fragrances, immaculate snows and extraordinary feasts in winter”.

The Carpathians offer endless opportunities for hikers, the most popular areas being the Bucegi and Fagaras ranges, south and west of Brasov. Other areas include the Retezat National Park, northwest of Targu Jiu; the Apuseni Mountains, southwest of Cluj Napoca; around Paltinis, west of Sibiu; the less-frequented Rarau Mountains: and the Ceahlau Massif.
Trails are generally well marked, and the system of cabanas, huts and even hotels along the trails on the mountain tops and plateaus make even a several day trek more than comfortable.

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Please find below a short description of the most popular mountain ranges in Romania.

Bucegi Mts.

1. Bucegi Mts. – Natural Park
The Bucegi Mts. are the most popular mountains of Romania. They are part of the Southern Carpathians mountain range, with an easy access from Bucharest, our capital city, or Brasov.
The highest peak is Omu (2505m) and the hiking paths start from any mountain resort on this valley such as: Sinaia, Azuga, Busteni, Predeal. From Sinaia and Busteni, cable cars take you to the 2000m quota from where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama over the Prahova valley.
There is a variety of marked trails available from the beginners to the most experienced hikers.

Piatra Craiului Mts.

2. Piatra Craiului Mts. – National Park
The Piatra Craiului Mts. are one of the most spectacular mountains in Romania, being an important area for mountaineering and rock climbing. The massif forms a narrow and saw-like ridge, about 25km long, naturally divided into 3 parts: Piatra Mica, Piatra Craiului and Pietricica. To the north and west the 3 parts show a steep, uneven rocky slope, highly inclined, furrowed by many dry valleys. A real jewel of nature, Piatra Craiului is a National Park aiming at preserving the landscape, the flora and the fauna.
Most trails start from Zarnesti village and are for the medium experienced hikers (the ones which exclude the ridge) and the most experienced ones (well equipped).
Piatra Craiului Mts. have an easy access from Brasov.

Postavaru and Piatra Mare Mts.

3. Postavaru and Piatra Mare Mts.
The Postavaru and Piatra Mare Mts. are part of the southern Carpathians mountain range. They are situated near Brasov, with an easy access from Bucharest.
The highest peaks are Postavaru (1799m) and Piatra Mare (1843m). Although of small dimensions, the two massifs offer many marked routes for hiking, mainly from beginners to medium experienced hikers.
Most trails start from Brasov, Predeal, Timisu de sus, Poiana Brasov.

Apuseni Mts.

4. Apuseni Mts. – Natural Park
The Apuseni Mts., part of the Western Carpathians mountain range, are located in the heart of Transylvania, having an easy access from Cluj Napoca.
The most popular part is The Bihor-Vladeasa Mountains, which are not very high (the highest peak is 1849m) but are an exceptional tourist area. Their fame comes from the extraordinary karst where you can find many caves (Scarisoara Cave is the largest glacier in Romania), ‘swallow-holes’, gorges, steep slopes, karstic intermittent springs and waterfalls.
The trails start from the villages along Aries valley. A good rural tourism network is developed in this area.

Fagaras Mts.

5. Fagaras Mts.
Fagaras is the most beautiful mountain range which offers breath-taking, spectacular and wild landscape views with its height and surface.
The Fagaras Mts. are part of the Southern Carpathians mountain range, with 70km in length and about 40 km in width.
With a surface of about 3000km² it’s the biggest mountain massif in Romania. It shows a high uninterrupted ridge with several peaks, the highest being Moldoveanu (2544m), which is also, the highest peak in Romania.
The mountains are famous for the glacier lakes, among which:
- Balea lake - the largest glacier lake in Romania – 46508 m²
- Podragu lake - the deepest glacier lake in Romania – 15.5m
For Fagaras Mts. you have an easy access from the town of Fagaras.
Most of the trails are recommended for well equipped, experienced hikers.