City-breaks in Romania

Our capital city, Bucharest, is very well connected by direct flights with all European capitals and many other important cities in Europe.

Lately due to the constant development of the country, other important cities of Romania (Sibiu, Cluj Napoca, Timisora, Iasi) have also been connected to some major European cities by direct international flights.

For instance:

Sibiu is connected by direct flights with Munchen (Lufthansa), Vienna (Austrian Airlines)

Cluj Napoca has direct connections to Frankfurt (Tarom), Munchen(Lufthansa), Milan (Alitalia), Budapest (Malev), Vienna )Austrian Airlines), Barcelona (Tarom), Madrid (Tarom), Bologna (Tarom), WIZZAIR low cost airline (Rome, Barcelona, London, Dortmund)

Iasi has a direct flight to Vienna (Austrian Airlines)

Timisoara has direct connections to Vienna (Austrian Airlines), Munchen (Lufthansa), Budapest (Malev) and Carpatair flights (to: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuugart, Munchen, Milan, Turin, Verona, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Ancona, Rome, Bari, Athens)

Here are some of our city-break offers:

SIBIU – arouses the interest as in 2007 it was named The European Capital of Culture;

BRASOV – Transylania's gateway

BUCHAREST  – our capital city, a blend of eastern and western civilization


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